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Nightmare (2007): Talent Is Not Hereditary

Nightmare (Terry Ingram, 2007)

[note: review originally published 1Feb2009]

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Looks like me after a night of Maker’s Mark boilermakers.

I will be the first to admit that I find some of Hilary Duff’s movies a guilty pleasure, especially Raise Your Voice. So when I found out that older sister Haylie was also an actress (yes, I managed to avoid knowing this until 2009), I figured I’d give her a shot as well. I probably shouldn’t have started with a made-for-TV flick from Terry Ingram, responsible for episodes of such classic TV series as Relic Hunter and La Femme Nikita, but I can’t undo it now.


photo credit: Tanya Lipke (she did the fire effects--pretty cool)

“Last night, I dreamed I was Joan of Arc. Unfortunately, at the wrong time in her life…”

Molly Duggan (Duff) is a college student determined to find a cure for sleep paralysis, the disease that killed her mother. To this end, she starts working in the sleep clinic of Dr. Edmonds (Cigarette Burns‘ Gwynyth Walsh), but she soon finds herself in the grip of the same disease. Fearing for her life, she begins to look for explanations. As things get weirder, she starts lending credence to what seemed previously to be the insane ravings of Silas (Holes‘ Bruce Ramsay), who is convinced that Molly is being haunted.

Everything about this flick is unintentionally hilarious, from the acting to the effects. When I rented it, I was unaware it was a Lifetime Original Movie, but now that I know this (thank you, IMDB!), so many things about it make so much more sense. The overimportance of the romantic subplot with a guy who’s about as developed as a blow-up doll, the persistent hysterics from Duff, the phenomenally bad script combined with top-notch production values, all of them have “Lifetime Original Movie” written all over them. And if you like Lifetime Original Movies as a rule, then this will likely be right up your alley. Everyone else should avoid it like the plague. * ½


I apologize, but this time, you have to go trailerless, and the only related video I could find online had the unfortunate addition of a Hoobastank soundtrack. I’m not going to inflict that on you, because I love you.

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