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Wolf Won’t Bite! (2012): A Rare Miss for Gravett

Emily Gravett, Wolf Won’t Bite! (Simon and Schuster, 2012)


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Unfortunately, not a return to the roots…

I have been a rabid Emily Gravett fan since I first came upon Wolves way back when. Wolves is still one of my favorite modern childrens’ books, and I have adored almost all of Gravett’s work since. Wolf Won’t Bite!, unfortunately, falls into that not-quite-”almost” category. I can’t quite figure out what she’s on about here. There’s obviously a cautionary-tale aspect here, but is it the tale of the frog and the scorpion? Or the three little pigs, except without houses? Or is it some sort of twisted pre-lit adaptation of Alex de la Iglesia’s wonderful movie Balade Triste de Trompeta? Or… you get the idea. We don’t get quite enough original source for me to be able to tell, and it’s kind of maddening. That said, the story is pretty standard Gravett, with a trio of circus-performer pigs with a seemingly tame wolf they can make do all sorts of tricks, until they overstep their bounds in the most dangerous of ways. It’s certainly not bad, I’m just not sure it’s up to the standard of so many of Gravett’s other excellent books. ***

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