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Trainee (): Attack Coach’s Swim Team vs. the Sexdrive

photo credit: Oregon State University

Anonymous, Trainee (No press listed, no date listed)

Points off: almost no information exists on this file.

photo credit:

We can’t show it to you because the Internet fails us.

Trainee, a 24-page doujin hentai translated by the infamous Sahadou, is one of the great mysteries of hentai; no one seems to know a blessed thing about where this came from, who the artist was, when it appeared, etc. As far as the content, it’s pretty typical gangbang (with a very willing young lady; the lack of coercion is obviously a huge plus). The only problem I had with it is that bu the time our heroine had gone a couple of rounds with the team, and was suffering the, ah, usual aftereffects, the artist’s depiction of ridiculous amounts of semen reminded me just a little too much of the kind of distressing crazy-skin-disease art of Hideshi Hino, and, well, that just doesn’t put me in the mood for love, if you know what I mean. But if you don’t have those images in your head (and if you don’t read horror manga, you probably won’t), it’s not a badly-written little piece, though you can take as a given in a 24-page manga that you’re not going to be getting a whole lot of character development to help you bond with these folks. * ½ 

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