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The Wyoming Bandit (1949): Ain’t Nothin’ but a C Thang, Baby

The Wyoming Bandit (Philip Ford, 1949)


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…and his stallion BLACK JACK!

A fun little B western, this, perhaps a touch more nostalgic for being made just as the days of the genre western were coming to a close in favor of the big-budget John Wayne macho-fest. It’s a simple setup: Rocky Layne, another of those singin’ cowboys, is a deputy sheriff sent to go pick up a career criminal, Wyoming Dan (Thunder Road‘s Trevor Bardette), on suspicion of murder. When he gets into town, though, he finds out that the victim was actually Wyoming Dan’s son, which pretty much throws suspicion off Dan. The two of them team up to find the real killer. It’s a fun little thing, not terribly well-scripted, but features a cast of competent actors doing what they do reasonably well and a director who would go on to stardom in the TV world with Lassie over the next decade. Worth checking out if you’re a fan of B westerns. ***

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