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The Little Sisters of Eluria (2011): Eat the Rich

Peter David, The Dark Tower, vol. 7: The Little Sisters of Eluria (Marvel, 2011)


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Doesn’t even begin to convey the creep factor.

The Stephen King story on which this installment of Peter David’s fantastic graphic novel series is based is kind of strange in the King canon; it’s not one of his better short stories, but there are pieces of it that are unforgettable indeed. David, with the ever-present assistance of Dark Tower concordist (is that even a word?) Robin Furth, has managed to do what I would have thought, if not impossible, very difficult indeed; he managed to improve on the source material while preserving the unforgettable bits. In fact, he may have managed to make those even more unforgettable than they already were. I have been a big fan of the Dark Tower graphic novels from day one, but this is the first time David has elevated the series to the level of what I have always considered his best work, the cancelled-too-early Fallen Angel series. There’s a wonderful passage from the preface—well, maybe “wonderful” isn’t the correct term, because when I read it, I was thinking “my god, how utterly cheesy is this going to be?”—but when I got to the scene in question, all the sudden that passage made sense. I know I’m making a confused mess of that (I can’t really get into it without heavy spoilers, and just in case those reading this are unfamiliar with the source material, I don’t want to go there), but trust me, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there. This is the sharpest, finest, most distressing piece of David’s Dark Tower adaptation yet. Fantastic. ****

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