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Spiderhole (2010): You’ve Seen It All Before

Spiderhole (Daniel Simpson, 2010)


photo credit: IMDB

A spiderhole, according to wikipedia, is a one-man foxhole. Which has nothing to do with this movie.

Generic torture-porn dreck that I can’t even say really tries for anything interesting. Four art-school chums (The Hole‘s Emma Griffiths Malin, The Illusionist‘s Reuben-Henry Briggs, and two newcomers, George Maguire and Amy Noble), presumably to save money on dorm fees, decide to spend a semester as squatters in an abandoned building. All well and good, unless someone—or something—is already there when you show up… the movie makes an attempt to build suspense as to who or what is offing our unrelatable, unlikable foursome, but it fails pretty miserably; there are no hooks here that will make you care one way or the other. When you can’t identify with anyone in a movie because the script is doing its best to make you despise everyone in it, something went seriously wrong somewhere along the way. * ½



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