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Memory (2006): Forgettable

Memory (Bennett Davlin, 2006)


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Just keep flaking, just keep flaking, just keep flaking, flaking, flaking…

Generic thriller that doesn’t utilize Billy Zane’s talents nearly enough. Zane plays a doctor who, while on a trip to Brazil to give a lecture, is asked to consult on a mysterious patient at a nearby hospital. While there, he is exposed to a substance discovered deep in the Amazon that seems to be exposing him to memories that aren’t his—memories that were generated by a serial killer while he was committing his crimes. Dennis Hopper has a turn as the doctor’s father, basically playing the Dennis Hopper character—quirky, cracked, not that far away from the edge. The whole thing feels kind of phoned in, and while the mystery angle that develops is worthwhile, I felt that there could have been a great deal more to this than there was. ** ½

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