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Kind (2011): A Solid Ending

Holly Black, The Good Neighbors: Kind (Graphix, 2011)


photo credit: Tower Books

Getting lost in faerie… literally.

Black finishes up her Good Neighbors trilogy of graphic novels, illustrated by Ted Naifeh, with a kind of anticlimactic volume. Note that I don’t mean this in a bad way; the whole series has had that kind of off-putting feel about it. It’s risky, but since it mirrors the psyche of the series’ main character, the half-faerie high school student Rue Silver, it makes perfect sense. In this volume, the war is over, the city has been taken over by faerie, but with a number of humans, including most of Rue’s high school friends, trapped inside. There’s unrest simmering very close to the surface between the humans and the faeries, and none of the ruling faction seem to care. So when a militant human group aiming to liberate the city comes to the fore, it’s up to Rue and her closest friends to avert the apocalypse. Good stuff if you haven’t been faerie-d out, given the oversaturation of the market. Worth reading. ***

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