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Hayate the Combat Butler, vol. 3 (2007): A Duel to the Death!

Kenjiro Hata, Hayate the Combat Butler, vol. 3 (ViZ, 2007)


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Not much Combat, lots of Butler.

In this amusing installment of the series, Hayate is challenged to a duel by Nagi’s fiancee, Wataru Tachibana. Quandary: does he let the guy win? And if so, how can he make it look as if he’s not letting the guy win? Of course, he messes it up, and hilarity ensues, all of which masks such obvious questions as “Nagi’s old enough to have a fiancee?” and “someone actually plans on trying to put up with her for the rest of his life?”Maybe Hayate shouldn’t have considered letting him win and rationalized it as putting him out of his misery… ***

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