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Emma, vol. 7 (2008): The End of an Era

Kaoru Mori, Emma, vol. 7 (CMX, 2008)


photo credit: Better World Books

One of manga’s finest offerings.

And so we come to the rather abrupt end of Emma, one of the best graphic novel series I’ve ever read. (And yet there are three more tankobon? I am confused, and the library is not helping, as they still can’t find a copy of vol. 8 to lend me!) While the end does feel abrupt, it also feels right. I won’t go into spoiler territory, though if you understand the structure of the classic Victorian romance, you know what;s happening in the last frames; the only suspense to be found here is what Mori is going to do with some of the other schemes, plot threads, romantic triangles, and other seemingly impossible subplots she’s delighted us with for the past six volumes. Mori hands us a beautifully satisfying conclusion. Can’t wait to find out what those last three books are all about. ****

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