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Caleb (1996): The Appalachians Are a Scary Place

Jack Summers, Caleb (Northwest Publishing, 1995)


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We can’t show it to you because the Internet fails us (and it’s packed away somewhere I can’t easily get to it).

There’s a listing at Amazon that has Caleb being published in 1965. I think it’s a typo; there are a few cultural references in the book that would have made Jack Summers a prophet who’d make Jeanne Dixon look like a piker if he’d written them forty years ago. 1995, which the book’s title page says, makes a whole heckuva lot more sense. On the other hand, Summers’ writing does hark back to the last golden age of the horror novel, which started ramping up right around the mid- to late sixties. Caleb would have been right at home among those dime-store horror novels that imprints like Jove, Zebra, Pinnacle, and Playboy were publishing in the late seventies and early eighties; it’s a classic cosmopolitans-vs.-rednecks tale with a strong supernatural element. If you’re a fan of that sort of nostalgic pulp horror fiction, Caleb is definitely one you’re going to want to check out. ***

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