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Les Mille et Une Perversions de Felicia (1976): Pretty Vacant

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Les Mille et Une Perversions de Felicia (Max Pecas, 1976)

[note: review originally published 6Feb2011]

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A lot of beauty with no brain attached.

Beatrice Harnois exploded onto the movie scene in 1975. She would go on to make eight pictures that year, of which the only one you might possibly have heard of in 2011 is Lips of Blood, one of the late Jean Rollin’s seemingly endless series of sexy-vampire flicks. Business dropped off in 1976, when she made only four films; aside from a single uncredited appearance in a 1979 sex comedy from Pierre Unia, the man who gave her her break in adult films, she was never to be seen in another film. Max Pecas, on the other hand, was already a well-established French porn director, having been making adult films for some sixteen years by the time Felicia was released, and he would continue to do so until the Saint-Tropez trilogy (the final film of which has been called by at least one critic the worst movie ever made) finally felled his long, prolific career. These two collided only in Felicia, which I watched a few days ago. My spreadsheet has two stars listed next to it, and for the life of me I can’t remember why; I don’t remember liking it quite that much, but I’ll take myself at my word and assume there was something about it that wasn’t entirely crappy.


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Cracked rear view?

Plot: Paul (Q‘s Jean Roche, whose career would also be over by 1980) and Gabrielle (Misty‘s Rebecca Brooke, whose last role would come in 1977), a young and horny married couple, agree to take in the teenaged Felicia (Harnois), daughter of their neighbors, for three weeks until she can join them at some overseas vacation destination. It’s not long until Felicia, equally horny, has set her sights on seducing Gabrielle, who is all too eager to open up the marriage to one (or more) of Paul’s students at the university, but is seemingly far more reluctant to submit to the wiles of precocious Felicia.

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“Okay, but I tell you, the lemonade does taste better if you don’t add Kahlua…”


As I was writing that synopsis, I think my lack of giving this one star less than it got probably had to do with Paul and Gabrielle’s reacting to the whole open-relationship thing in what seemed to me realistic ways, especially given that in porn one assumes one is going to find cardboard characters. But there’s not much else to recommend this, save the attractiveness of its stars; the story is trite, the script is almost a nonentity, the cinematography is uninterested at best (which is a crime given the beauty of the scenery both inside the bedroom and out; the movie was shot on location in Deauville). I’ve become quite a fan of seventies porn in the last couple of years, but Felicia is one that misses the mark in just about every way it could. **


No trailer, but the opening scene.

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