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Noctem (2003): Microbudget German Zombie Mayhem!

Noctem (Jens Wolf, 2003)

[note: review originally published 30Nov2008]


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The night has a thousand eyes… all of them dead.

I had no idea I had a thing for blondes speaking German, but Jens Wolf’s Noctem has shown me I do. This microbudget zombie flick is the tale of Kusey (Werner Kochel) and Amy (Andrea Schonherr), two humans trying to survive in a world almost completely overrun by embarrassingly low-budget, but still oddly compelling, zombies. The movie goes along in episodic fashion as the two of them try to find other survivors to hook up with (think 28 Days Later… here) and try to avoid confrontations with the living dead. Unfortunately, the 28 Days Later… comparison gets even more apt when they do find other survivors, though Redneck Mike (Michael T. Hauber) seems sympathetic to the couple.

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Only one picture since it’s such a short review.

No one involved with this flick had any sort of experience with moviemaking before, which makes the final product relatively impressive; most first features have at least someone with acting, lighting, or cinematography experience in the crew. Not so here, which explains some of the film’s weak spots (the script tends to lag at times, some of the minor characters’ acting is atrocious, the lighting is wildly inconsistent, etc.), but also gives it an appealing, raw feel. It’s certainly not the worst zombie film you will ever see. It’s not the best, either, but if you’re a collector of zombie flicks, you want this one. ** ½


Hot German blondes vs. zombies. How can you go wrong?

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