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Walk Like a Zombie (2000): A Premature, but Unavoidable, Ending

Tite Kubo, Zombiepowder, vol. 4: Walk Like a Zombie (ViZ, 2000)


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Soon after completing the chapters here, Kubo had a breakdown, which he used to end ZP and begin another series… Bleach.

And after the series got derailed in volume 3, and I was thinking “okay, maybe Jump wasn’t unjustified in canceling this,” along comes the final volume, where the big battle against the circus is wrapped up and we were starting to get into the second story arc, which kicked off the tale—or so it would seem, we’ll probably never know now—of how Gamma Akutabi went from being a master criminal to a ring hunter who has a soft spot for the humanity he once loathed, introducing us to a host of new and interesting characters, etc. Now I find myself wanting to know a great deal more about these characters, and hoping that eventually Kubo kicks off a doujin version of Zombiepowder that will bring us back into the story. Will Wolfina fall in love with Smith? (That seems the least likely pairing, so knowing Kubo, that’s where he was headed.) What’s going on with the lab, and will we get to know any of the more interesting experiments we just saw, rather than interacted with? Will Elwood become a full member of the gang now that he’s honed his skills? Will Angelle stop being so damn creepy? (That cover art for Track 25? How dark is that?) Maybe someday we’ll find out. *** ½

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