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The Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe Book (no date given): Bow, Cadbury!

Susan Scott, The Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe Book (No press given, no date given)

[note: review originally published 23Apr12]

Points off for a lot of missing information, though since this seems to have already disappeared from Amazon, it’s probably a moot point.

photo credit: mah own bad self

Not only chocolate…


While the title of this little recipe collection isn’t quite accurate—there’s a good deal more here than just chocolate—it’s still not bad stuff. Actually, I should amend that: if you’re a coconut lover, this little ebook will probably be heaven for you. The rest of us are going to find less to work with. (She does use chow mein noodles in some recipes, which has me wondering if they would be an acceptable substitute for coconut in some of these.) Also, there’s more here than just Easter eggs, which is nice, though the focus is on eggs. Some of them are the traditional chocolate-covered Cadbury-like creations. In fact, there’s a Cadbury-clone recipe here. But some of the other recipes offer a good deal more intrigue, at least to me. Including anything having to do with chow mein noodles. (Yes, I’m oddly fixated on the chow mein noodles—I don’t think I’ve actually eaten one since my childhood days, despite my being a Chinese food fiend.) It does have some problems that are probably to be expected form an ebook that seems as if it was rushed into print (and then yanked again) in time to hit the holdiay, including a woeful lack of proofreading and, as previously noted, some missing pertinent information, but if you’re into candymaking, why wait until next Easter? Hop to! **

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