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Teacher’s Pet (2008): Extracurricular Romance

Wynter O’Reilly, Teacher’s Pet (Excesssica Publishing, 2008)

[note: review originally published 20Feb12]


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I heard the school bell ring that told me that the day was done
She called me back and locked the door, my lesson’s just begun

When you pick up a piece of Kindle porn (actually, you’re kind of assuming it’s Kindle porn because, after all, it was published by Excessica) with a title like Teacher’s Pet, you figure you know what you’re getting (especially since, after all, it was published by Excessica). Not so here, and I do not mean that in a bad way at all. This is a surprisingly sweet, if not innocent, romance tale rather than being straight-up porn. In short: kid is bummed that dad is still sad after mom died a while ago, and he really likes his teacher, so invites her over for dinner without dad realizing, hey, that’s my ex-girlfriend! Needless to say, O’Reilly has the basis for a full-length romance novel here, if you throw in a few more miscommunications and a big blow-out or two. I like this okay as a short, but would be interested to see what O’Reilly could do with the characters in a full-length (not to mention how she did the “how do you explain THAT fight to the kid?” scene after the big miscommunication blow-out that is a staple of the romance novel). Still, what’s here is good dirty fun. ** ½ 

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