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Natsuki’s First Time (no date given): Short, Generic, but Pretty Good

photo credit: Oregon State University

Holly Deveraux, Natsuki’s First Time (Poison Pixie Press, no date given)

points off: no publication date listed.

[note: review originally published 3Nov2011]


photo credit: All Romance Ebooks

No, that cover isn’t flirting with racist. Not at all.

Short-short dealing with a shy Japanese college student’s introduction to homoerotic play via her sexually liberal roommate. Quite delicious, but way, way, way too short (take away the free previews of other things and this runs just about four printed pages). I want to see more of these ladies, especially given that in such a short period, Devereaux manages to horn a good amount of character development in with the erotica. This is an author with some serious potential, given larger spaces to work in. **

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