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Hot Wives, vol. 1 (2010): Another Usenet Compilation, But at Least a Decent One

photo credit: Oregon State University

Chelsea Chandra (ed.), Hot Wives, vol. 1 (No press given, 2010)

[note: review originally published 17Feb2012]

Points off: no press given.


photo credit: Amazon

No, we’re talking about real hotwives, not Scary Spice.

Another of those “we collected these stories off the Internet”-style thrown-together books of erotica (to use the term loosely), but gets a much higher rating than the awful “Laura Jordan” books because at least the editor here is honest about it, and did at least attempt to mine for something vaguely resembling quality rather than dumping twenty “stories” in a file at random without even checking to see what language they were in and trying to pass them off as a single author’s work. As with any collection of short stories, what’s here varies in quality, and as is usually the case with erotica (especially erotica that seems to have been collected from the Internet), the quality varies even more widely than usual. Still, as I said, the editor does seem to have had some sort of selection process rather than randomly grabbing stuff, which limits the downside a bit. ** ½ 

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