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Ghost Voyage (2008): A Man in a Boat in the Summer

Ghost Voyage (James Oxford, 2008)

[note: review originally published 28Dec2008]

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So there’s this boat. And there’s these ghosts.

Another deeply silly Sci-Fi Original Movie, though not as thoroughly horrid as some I’ve watched recently. Seven people wake up on a freighter in the middle of the ocean, with no one around to tell them what’s going on save a mysterious steward (The Art of War‘s Hiroyuki Tagawa). One of them is Michael, a race car mechanic, played by Antonio Sabato, Jr. Do you need to know anything more than that? Well, if you do, there are some attractive women, there are a few subplots with various characters trying to off other characters, there are some rules the passengers need to follow (and if they don’t, there are some pretty special effects to bump them off in creative ways), and they all have to figure out why they’re on this boat and where they’re going. And yeah, just by reading the description, you’ve probably already figured it out.

James Oxford’s direction is competent, the CGI isn’t completely terrible, the acting (on the other hand) is completely terrible. It’s your basic Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie. In other words, a good way to kill an hour and a half, but nothing more than that. **

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