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Access the Poem Pedlar (no date given): How Not to Market an Excerpt

Eve Roxburgh, Access the Poem Pedlar (No publisher listed, no date listed)

Points off: no publisher listed, no publication date listed

[note: review originally published 28Mar12]


photo credit: Amazon

Despite the fact that this is an excerpt, Roxburgh chose to use the same cover as the full book has. oops.

Another one that would be getting major points off for missing information had I been planning on giving it any, but even if I had liked the doggerel herein, there is so much wrong with this entry—which, it should be noted, has already disappeared from Amazon—that I’m not sure I even know where to begin. Nowhere does it say this is an excerpt rather than a full book, and the cover art is for the actual book The Poem Pedlar; ineptitude or deception? Not that it matters much either way. And I will at least applaud the author’s honesty for posting a five-star review of The Poem Pedlar at Amazon under her own name, though the text of the review itself looks oddly like it’s trying to pass itself off as an impartial third-party reviewer. (I’m starting to lean towards “ineptitude” in the question I asked above.) Seems to me the author has a great deal to learn about publishing before trying to do this again. (zero)


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