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A Man in a Boat in the Summer (2011): Solid if Drafty

Stacy Kidd, A Man in a Boat in the Summer (Beard of Bees Press, 2011)


photo credit: me

Another free BoB chap. Gotta love a press who puts out everything free.

After I finished Stacy Kidd’s brief A Man in a Boat in the Summer, I had to go back to the Beard of Bees press website and check what the file looked like there as compared to what it looked like on my Kobo to make sure it wasn’t as dumb-looking as I thought it was. It’s not. (Yes, this is important; structure is everything in poetry.) Be warned, kiddies—converting your PDF ebooks to ePub can lead to the destruction of formatting. Not necessarily something you’re going to notice in prose, but critically important in poetry. (To the point where you may find yourself reading things out of order, as here.)

As to the work itself, it’s good, though perhaps not great; Kidd overplays her hand a few times here (“A river will divide itself/before entering/another & unlike body of water.”), though that doesn’t make this any less worth reading, it’ll just jar you once or twice. And you certainly can’t beat the price. ** ½ 

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