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The Overwhelming Urge (2008): Who Wears Short Shorts? Andersen Wears Short Shorts!

Andersen Prunty, The Overwhelming Urge (Eraserhead Press, 2008)


photo credit: D. Harlan Wilson

Mr. Prunty’s Dirty Shorts.

I’m a pretty big fan of Andersen Prunty’s. While I can’t claim to have read anywhere near the man’s entire output—he’s easily one of the most prolific authors whose bibliography I keep track of—what I’ve read has been good stuff from front to back. The Overwhelming Urge, a collection of mostly short-shorts, is no exception. While it would be more accurate to label most of these character sketches rather than stories, they never fail to be interesting. And when Prunty does show up with a full-fledged story, as he does a few times in this collection, wow. “Discovering the Shape of My Skull” is a darned fine blend of horror, humor, and existential angst, a blend that Prunty has come close to perfecting. This is fine stuff indeed, and if you get a chance to pick a copy of this up, go for it. *** ½

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