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Aamoo the Aam (2012): Nice Idea, But…

Riya Verma, Aamoo the Aam (Chanda Books, 2012)


photo credit: Amazon

lack of story causes this one to miss its target.

Okay, here’s another of those reviews I have to preface by saying “I could be wrong, but…”. After all, I’m not an early childhood educator, I’m just a reader who also happens to be a parent. So maybe there’s literature that says different or something. But it always struck me that easy-reader-type books went kind of heavy on the story—you give the kid some form of compelling reason to want to keep reading the book. I would think this would go double for learn-to-read-a-different-language variations on the theme, since you’re introducing an added level of challenge to the act of reading. And if I am correct in this, then Aamoo the Aam, a beginning-level Urdu reader for kids, fails pretty miserably. Instead of a story, what we get is a list of attributes, one per page (“Aamoo is yellow. Aamoo lives in a tree.” “Aam”, by the way, is a mango, if you’re wondering about the sentences above.) If that turns out to be the case, I’ll come back and revise this rating significantly upwards. Still, it seems less useful than a story-based book like this would be. **

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