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Tasting Nancy (2012): Based on a True Story

photo credit: Oregon State University

Daniella Cerveny, Swinging Sex Stories vol. 1: Tasting Nancy (Secret Narrative, 2012)


photo credit: Barnes and Noble

“Cream and sugar, or would you rather have it naked?”

Daniella Cerveny is insistent on the truth of this story, to the point where it’s on the copyright and disclaimer page: “This book is a true account of the author’s experiences, which she shares in frank disclosure.” I’m not going to try and dispute that, but I will use it to point out something I’m starting to notice in Kindle porn that purports to be true—that seems to be an authorial excuse for a plodding, repetitive “and then this happened…and then this happened…and then…” kind of structure that never sits well in writing of any sort, and certainly doesn’t do wonders for porn. That said, of the bunch of that sort of thing I’ve read over the last few years, this is the best written, not that that’s saying much; it’s a pretty simple “just the facts, ma’am” retelling of a first-full-swap experience, but it’s the first where the author insists that the material is true where I couldn’t find myself saying “no matter how poor an author you are you could do better than this.” So that’s something, at least. **

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