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Perspectives (no date listed): Impressions from the End

Bryan James, LZR-1143: Perspectives (No publisher listed, no date listed)

Points off for lack of information (no publisher listed, no publication date listed).


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Tales of the final days

Note that line above, because it drops this book from “above average” to “below average”. Which is deserved because the author (one assumes this is self-published, otherwise he needs to drop by his publisher’s office and start swinging the proverbial baseball bat) couldn’t be arsed to fill in even basic information to have his book come up in a number of relevant searches or that might sway someone who wasn’t sure whether to shell out the few bucks, and that’s annoying as hell. But the stories herein aren’t half-bad. They’re nothing great, mind you, the bigs probably aren’t going to come busting down Bryan James’ door the way they did with Dave Moody or the late Z. A. Recht when the zombie bug hit Bantam Doubleday Dell and its pals, but James’ collection of character sketches set in his own LZR-1143-infected world keeps the focus where it should be, on the human factor, at all times. James has a knack for building solid, believable characters, and that is increasingly rare in this highly-oversaturated genre; while I’m only giving this two stars, I have every intention of eventually grabbing and reading the rest of the LZR-1143 books based on what I read here. **

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