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My Husband’s Cuckold Fantasy (2012): Hollywood to Hungerford’s an Impression Away

photo credit: Oregon State University

Rosa Martinez, My Husband’s Cuckold Fantasy (Rosa Martinez, 2012)


photo credit: Amazon

…under one of its many names.

Tough to tell, but it looks as if this short was also released as He Likes to Watch and As My Husband Watches, in case you’re collecting Rosa Martinez erotica and don’t want to buy the same book twice. That sentence probably came off more sarcastic than it is, because Martinez, while not an auteur by any standards, is at least a competent writer who takes enough time in setting up the situation that we at least have an idea of what we’re getting into. (I don’t think I need to provide a plot synopsis, one of the good things about Kindle porn shorts is that they usually come with titles that provide all the synopsis you need.) Decent identification with the characters = hotter reaction to story. Could have been better, but when have you read quickie porn that couldn’t be? ** ½

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