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The Young Lions Tournament (1998): Practice, Practice, Practice

Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go vol. 7: The Young Lions Tournament (ViZ, 1998)

photo credit: Amazon

[note: review originally published 16Aug2009]

Hikaru hears about the Young Lions Tournament, and sets his sights on it, despite needing to be ranked sixteenth in A league, when it’s only three months off and he’s still eighteenth in B league. With some counseling from Sai, Hikaru starts working on improving his focus. What really impresses me about this series is that while it’s structured the same way as most manga—fight, increase power, fight, increase power, repeat ad nauseam—it never quite feels that way. Hotta knows how to vary what’s going on in the rest of the story to make it feel more original than episodic. A wonderful series, this. ****

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