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Term Limits (2011): Vote ’em Out

Brian K. Vaughan, Ex Machina, vol. 10: Term Limits (Wildstorm, 2011)

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Man, talk about a downbeat ending. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but it exacerbates the feeling that Vaughan was rushed into closing this series out; there are a few threads mentioned in earlier volumes that get token mentions here in the interest of tying up loose ends, but they feel like they should have been…major plot points, you know? A couple of characters make sudden, shocking, and most importantly completely out-of-character one-eighties, also in the interests of wrapping things up. And if I keep on going like this, I’m going to get into major spoiler territory; I think I may already be uncomfortably close. But I can’t talk about the volume’s most infuriating bits—or its most satisfying ones—without going there, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. This is not at all where I expected Ex Machina to end up, and it is by far the weakest volume in the series, but if you’ve come this far… ** ½

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