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Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book Three (2004): As Good As It Gets

Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 3 (Abstract Studio, 2004)

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[note: review originally published 17Sep2011]

Volume 3 takes us into the future, and a bleak future it is. Katchoo, finally fed up with Francine’s indecision, has gone off into her own little world, leaving Francine to get herself stuck in a loveless marriage. Neither of them is happy, of course. And where’s David in all this? (Hint: there’s been foreshadowing of where David is all the way through the first two volumes.) My first two experiences with SiP were good, though it always seemed like there was unrealized potential to be had there. In volume 3, Moore has finally stripped the dustcover off that potential and gotten to work on it, tweaking things here and there and finally bringing equal weight to both the series’ main storylines. Strangers in Paradise is getting better by the volume; 4 should be a classic. 3 is pretty darned close. **** ½ 

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