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Start (1998): Viral Go

Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go vol. 5: Start (ViZ, 1998)

photo credit: ViZ

[note: review originally published 2Jun2009]

Hikaru’s Internet play has drawn attention from around the world, and now culminates in a rematch between Hikaru and Akira, but without Akira realizing that Hikaru is his opponent. One way or the other, though, the match, along with the revelation that Akira has passed the Pro Exam, forces Hikaru to think about going pro himself—a decision that will have far-reaching implications for the rest of his life. Another winning entry in this series, one of the highest-quality I’ve run across so far (and if you follow my reviews, you know I read a lot of manga). Highly recommended. ****

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Media critic (amateur, semi-pro, and for one brief shining moment in 2000 pro) since 1986. Guy behind noise/powerelectronics band XTerminal (after many small stints in jazz, rock, and metal bands). Known for being tactless but honest.

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