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Sayonara (2009): Sai-onara!

Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go, vol. 15: Sayonara (ViZ, 2009)

photo credit: ViZ

The day that Hotta has been hinting at the entire series is finally here—it’s time for Sai to go. Hikaru is wrapped up in his own thoughts, and doesn’t even notice until it’s too late—and then the rest of the volume is taken up with Hikaru’s search for Sai, taking a pilgrimage to Torajiro’s sacred sites to see if Sai is hanging around at one of them. It’s a fun way to throw in a quick tour of Japan and some cool scenery without actually stopping the plot, though Akira Toya and Ogata fade into the background in the middle of the volume. I didn’t mind it one bit, but your mileage may vary (if only slightly). *** ½

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