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Reiko the Zombie Shop, vol. 6 (2007): The Last English Volume

Rei Mikamoto, Reiko the Zombie Shop, vol. 6 (Dark Horse, 2007)

photo credit: Amazon

While the original Japanese series ran eleven volumes, Dark Horse only published the first six, so unless you happen to read Japanese (or French; Doki-Doki published at least eight of the eleven volumes in French) or can find it on a scanlation site, the story ends here for you. The Army are after Riruka, Reiko is powerless since the Star Collector stole her star, and all four players are headed for a collision course that causes certain former adversaries to become allies—at least temporarily—to fight the greater evil in front of them. This leads to some battles that tread the fine, fine line between “ridiculous” and “ridiculously cool”, a line Mikamoto has always tread (and never really seemed concerned about straying over). The prurience factor is ramping up here, as well—is it me, or are both Reiko and Riruka’s… um, charms (one can’t say the “b” word at Amazon, it’s an automatic redline)…getting bigger every volume? (And my oh my, that cover art for act 28… I want a poster of that on my wall. My wife would probably disagree.) And given that the English series effectively stops here, I’ll warn you that you’re ending on a Twin-Peaks-Series-Finale-style cliffhanger that will make you curse Dark Horse like you cursed ABC twenty years ago. The difference is, in this case, you might actually be able to figure out what happens on the Internet.

I’ve never been the biggest Reiko fan—it took me over five years(!) to finally get round to reading volume 6—but it’s not a bad little series, and if Dark horse ever decides to publish the second half of it, I, for one, will not complain at all. Come on, guys, you can probably license a scanlation pretty cheap… ***

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