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Pierce Me Standing in the Firegarden (2000): The Circus Comes to Town, the Circus Leaves Town

Tite Kubo, Zombiepowder, vol. 3: Pierce Me Standing in the Firegarden (ViZ, 2000)

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I was quite fond of the first two volumes of Tite Kubo’s short-lived first manga, Zombiepowder, but the penultimate volume gets kind of derailed. It’s still interesting in the sense that in some of the new enemies, you can see ideas that he would end up reviving a few years later in Bleach (specifically, some of the enemies here reminded me of folks who showed up in the soul society), but Kubo already knew, I think, that Zombiepowder was on its way out by the time he was halfway through this volume’s chapters (there are some snarky comments in the sidenotes about how page constraints kept him from introducing a subplot or two, as well as at least one character). The volume ends with an even earlier one-shot, Rune Master Urara, which Kubo says in the sidenotes he’s considering reviving. It’d be an interesting experiment; he’s gone a very different way since, and I think he could do something good with a story that is currently confusing and immature. We’ll have to wait and see. ** ½

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