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Giroutei wo Kan (2006): Naru-tail

photo credit: Oregon State University

Giroutei, Giroutei wo Kan (Giroutei, 2006)

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[note: review originally published 18Oct2011]

I think a lot of modern hentai all suffers from the same problem—while much of it is based on an existing universe (think of it as sex-soaked graphic-novel fanfiction, I guess), readers who have invested the appropriate amounts of time and effort into enjoying that universe and its character development are likely to be scandalized, if not terrified, by what the hentai authors are doing with their beloved characters. Which is why, instead of turning to some of the reams of Bleach hentai I have lying around, I decided to start my journey through this rather disturbing world with Giroutei wo Kan, based in the Naruto universe. I know nothing about Naruto other than what I could grasp from seeing ads for the anime series on Funimation, so, you see, no emotional investment in these characters. Good idea! The sex in hentai is just as ridiculously over-the-top as one would expect given the crazy fighting sequences and ludicrous comedic set pieces to be found in regular manga. There also seems (at least from my limited reading so far) to be a serious fascination for the phenomenon of chicks with dicks. I’m not talking transsexuals here in any realistic sense of the term, I’m talking perfectly feminine-looking ladies with D-cups and foot-long, cheese-wheel-thick schlongs. Which okay, I’ll admit it, is actually pretty hot.

Need I tell you that there’s no such thing as character development allowed here, and only the thinnest of plots to tie together all the hot wet monkey sex? But still, at twenty-six pages, this is not something in which you’re going to invest a great deal of time or effort (note that Naruto itself crossed the ten-thousand-page barrier at one point in 2008), and as long as you’re a fan of hot wet monkey sex, it’s stupid fun. ** ½ 

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