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Crossed, vol. 1 (2010): Extremities

Garth Ennis, Crossed, vol. 1 (Avatar Press, 2010)

photo credit: Amazon

Put bluntly: Garth Ennis’ initial (and only—authorship of the series was handed over to David Lapham for vol. 2) volume of Crossed is one of the most depraved, monstrous things I have ever seen in the world of the graphic novel. And this is coming from someone who reads tentacle porn, though not on a regular basis, and has collections of both Suehiro Maruo and Hideshi Hino at home. Thus, I am going to warn you: this stuff is not at all for the weak of stomach. If you are offended by something, Ennis found a way to stick it in here. I rush to add that all this is (somewhat) tempered by Ennis’ trademark wicked sense of humor, and the story, if somewhat impressionist (it’s almost plotless: a band of survivors trying to find a safe place in a Rage-like society), is strong and well-told. None of which makes it any less difficult to read. It should go without saying—after all, this is a Garth Ennis book—but if you’re easily triggered or offended, you will probably want to stay away from this. ***

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