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And Then… (1994): An Inglorious Ending

Yoshihiro Togashi, Yuyu Hakusho, vol. 19: And Then… (ViZ, 1994)

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I read an interview with Togashi—perhaps it was the afterword to the previous volume?—where he talked about how he and his publisher realized it was time to end Yuyu Hakusho when they realized the Demon Plane Unification Tournament storyline was a retread of the last big tournament. All well and good, but did that really mean you just had to give up on it altogether? There are two chapters that ram through the tournament as fast as possible (we only see pieces of a couple of first-round battles), then there’s an aborted attempt to revive the detective-agency storyline, and after that it falls apart even more. A disappointing ending indeed to what had been a really fun series. **

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