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Afternoon of the Sorceress (2005): Hou-Hou

photo credit: Oregon State University

Domestic Animals, Afternoon of the Sorceress (Murasame Works, 2005)

photo credit: yours truly

[note: review originally published 20Dec2011]

Another of those odd, seemingly-bootleg hentai comics that’s made it into English translation, this one based on a universe (as far as I can tell; possibly an original composition? Perish the thought!) I am unfamiliar with. [ed. note: I have since found out these characters come from a game series called Touhou, thus the subtitle of this review.] Shares with Giroutei wo Kan (viz. last ish) the same obsession with transsexuals with organs large enough to look inflatable, has even less plot and characterization, and let’s face it, is kind of a chore to read. While I salute the otaku who are willing (and depraved) enough to translate this stuff into English, I do wish they’d at least run it by an English major, if not a semi-professional fiction/GN author, to get some rhythm and flow into the language. Yes, I realize I’m being something of an idiot complaining about the lack of snappy dialogue in hentai. I want plots in my porn films, too. **

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