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A Bloody Past!! (1993): Back to the Demon Detective Storyline

Yoshihiro Togashi, Yuyu Hakusho, vol. 14: A Bloody Past!! (ViZ, 1993)

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[note: review originally published 13Apr2008]

With Genkai’s version of introductions out of the way, it’s time for the newly-formed team– minus Hiei, who recuses himself for conflict of interest (he is, after all, a class B demon)– set about trying to figure out who it is that’s opening the demon portal in Swarm City. This is a much lower-key entry in the series, especially after the non-stop action of the Dark Tournament; Yusuke and crew actually have time to stop and think. A refreshing change, though there’s no doubt the action will ramp up again soon. ****

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