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Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Ousiders (2009): Bande a Bore

Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Outsiders (Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader, 2009)

[note: review originally published 27Sep2010]


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If you turn your head and squint right, he DOES kinda look like Alain Delon.

I have not seen Band of Outsiders, the Godard film from which Fever Night obviously derives its subtitle, and thus it would be very difficult for me to compare and contrast the two. And yet what I know of Godard films definitely strikes a chord when I watch Fever Night; there’s the same general plotlessness, the same overacting, the same feeling of discontinuity from scene to scene. And I have to say that I like it better here than I do in Godard, but not much.

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Actually, I’ll tell you what: the Reservoir Dogs-style intro, with these three arguing while the camera pans over styrofoam-wrapped pieces of meat, is a really good scene, perhaps my favorite in the movie.

I think there’s a plot, kind of, and I think it goes like this: three Satanists, Elliot (Peter Tullio in his first screen appearance), Warren (Doilie’s Diner‘s Philip Marlatt), and Terry (Poker Run‘s Melanie Wilson, also debuting), head out into the woods to conduct some sort of ritual. (The director’s synopsis on IMDB says they actually go through with it; if so, it’s a very subtle ritual, because I didn’t even notice.) Then Terry disappears. While Elliot and Warren are trying to figure that out, they see a dim light through the trees and pursue it, hoping to find some help (or Terry, maybe).

…and the majority of the movie is Elliot and Warren following this light and arguing with one another. If that’s not Godardian, I don’t know what is. Horrid memories of forcing myself to sit through Pierrot le Fou, but if both of the main actors were male. And not in a car. Wilson is cute, though for obvious reasons she doesn’t get a great deal of screen time, and there are some mildly amusing bits (which is better than I can say for Godard), but overall, this one will confuse you while boring you senseless at the same time. * ½

As is usual when I can’t find a third picture I like enough to post, here, have a trailer.

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