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/livingroom (2002): Turn Off the TV, Ma, Damion’s Whispering

Damion Romero, /livingroom (Banned Productions, 2002)

[note: review originally published Apr2005]


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It looks so unassuming.

I really can’t say enough good things about ex-Speculum Fight frontman Damion Romero. Romero has taken the world of deep-ambient field recording and made it something even more wonderful than it usually is. On /livingroom, according to the liner notes, the music was generated by “…the sound of the floor within the space, creating a large-scale acoustic feedback circuit….” No, it doesn’t sound all that interesting, and to be honest it does pale in comparison to hearing Romero do this sort of thing live (if you ever get a chance to see him perform, run, do not walk), where you get the full effect of the frequencies generated. But /livingroom is an amazing experience for all that, a piece of low-key, almost subsonic ambient that shifts and moves (as, one assumes, people moved around the space and vibrated the floorboards). Some of you will find this exceptionally good stuff to fall asleep to. Others will find its subtle shifts and changes excellent for active listening. Others will find it makes excellent background music for meditation, work, or what have you. What I can’t imagine anyone doing, however, is not liking it.

The only reason it gets four and a half stars instead of five is that I wished it, like the set he performed at No Fun Fest, had been considerably longer. **** ½

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