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Zoom! (1999): Great Idea, not Well-Executed

Anonymous, Zoom! (Silver Dolphin, 1999)


Points off for lack of information (no author listed).


photo credit: me

So many things about this to like where the pre-lit set is concerned.

Cute idea—not so much a board book as a loose collection of cardboard pages strung together on a piece of yarn that has a bobber part-full of some sort of small beads, so the book itself, which is concerned with the sounds various methods of transportation make, makes noise itself. There could probably be more to it, and a couple of the onomatopoeics make little sense (do steamships really go “chug chug”? Not at any time you want to be one one, methinks), but the illustrations are bold and the associations are simple enough for infants. If only as much thought had been put into the presentation of the metadata. **

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