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Poems for Babies (2004): A Bit Simplistic, but We’re Not the Target Audience…

Lynne Gibbs, Poems for Babies (Brimax Books, 2004)

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Cute indeed.

I will say right up front that I have been reading to the kid from whatever poetry I happen to be in the middle of, and thus it is that I may have the only ten-month-old child in America who has already been exposed to Natasha Trethewey, Jane Shore, and Jim Mainland. So the work of Lynne Gibbs comes off as… well, unsubtle, and a bit jarring rhythmically at times. Baby does get impatient with it at times (though I will note that this could be because it’s the first non-board-book—the first one with actual pages—we’ve actually given to him to manipulate, and the thinner pages are challenging his motor skills), but Rachael O’Neill’s colorful illustrations are a good balance for the text. ***

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