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No, David! (1998): Trouble Has a Name

David Shannon, No, David! (Blue Sky Press, 1998)


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Where it all began…

The David books are something special indeed, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. I mean, come on, those illustrations are downright terrifying! But my son loves them (it could of course be because his name is David), and so do I. They’re funny as anything, and Shannon’s text is both simple enough to be easily understood by the pre-lit set and is integrated strongly with the illustrations—there’s enough for a basic description, but in order to fully get it, the child has to grasp (or the parent has to explain, which I think would defeat the purpose) the cause-and-effect relationship between the text and the picture. The series is, and will remain, a mainstay at our house. *** ½

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