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Bobby Bee (2009): Simplistic but Fun

Sue McMillan, Bobby Bee (Kappa Books, 2009)


photo credit: me

Glittery, textured, and shaped, the pre-lit trifecta.

Cute book with a textured cover the baby loves about taking time out for play—one might almost think this was written for the adult reading to the kid, rather than the kid him- or herself. The rhythm is well-structured, the rhyme works every time (I’m becoming amazed at the number of prelit books I’m encountering where the author doesn’t seem to have paid attention to the basic structure of the language, so this is more important than it sounds!), and the illustrations are nice, if a bit on the crude side. One of a series of four books that seems to be called Glittery Animals; I’ll be on the lookout for the others, as the kid likes this one well enough. ***

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