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The Little Pumpkin Book (1992): I’m Surprised How Much the Kid Loves This

Katharine Ross, The Little Pumpkin Book (Random House, 1992)


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Short, to the point, and very well done.

This was, as far as I know, a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law; grandma brought it over a few weeks ago. Very short, and very small (some folks with eyesight problems may have issues trying to read it), but while I’ve never seen the baby express a specific preference for it, when I start reading it to him, he stops and pricks his ears up. A very quick and easy story. While the language is obviously geared toward the pre-lit set, there’s never a feeling that the author is talking down to her intended audience, and she obviously put some thought into it before jotting this down, as it’s one of the very few pre-lit books we have around the house that actually has some sort of structure to it. We like this one a lot, and it’s growing on the bean. Thumb solidly up here. ****

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