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It’s Christmas, David! (2010): For Completists Only

David Shannon, It’s Christmas, David! (Scholastic, 2010)


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David Shannon’s Greatest Hits

Everyone has to do a holiday greatest hits album, I guess. We’re big fans of David Shannon in our household, not least because our son is named David, and the Diaper David trilogy are frequent reads. He’s just turned one, so the No, David! books may be a bit beyond him (not that this stopped grandpa from giving him the first one in the series as a present), but grandma being a Christmas nut, this was destined to show up in our house as soon as the season started popping up in the local stores. And it is a greatest hits album—there are some images that have been recycled from earlier books, but updated with a winter theme (most notably David running down the street with no clothes on, but now there’s snow and he’s wearing mittens and galoshes). This one’s not going to have the durability of the rest of the David books, I don’t think, but if you’re collecting them… ***


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