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Colors! (2011): It’s Been Done Before

Anonymous, Colors! (Modern Publishing, 2011)

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Someone stop me before I quote Ice-T down here.


Points off for lack of information (no author listed).

One of the Sesame Street-licensed bathtub books from Modern Publishing. I’m not a huge fan of the Bendon Publishing Sesame Street license books, but at least Bendon has some basic idea of how the Sesame Workshop team seems to work and consults with them on things. Modern, on the other hand, has always felt like it licenses the characters for the sole purpose of a cash grab. This is par for the course; it’s your basic colors book (character of a certain color, other things of a certain color, make the logical leap), but there’s no text at all save the name of the color; no helper text to read to the child or anything along those lines (cf. The Care Bears Book of Colors review elsewhere this ish). Add that to Modern’s usual lack of information about the book itself (in this case, no author—not that putting an author’s name on here would convey anything, really), and you have many, many better options when looking for this sort of thing. **

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