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Bert and Ernie’s First Book of Opposites (2010): Repetitive, but That’s Not a Bad Thing

Heather Au, Bert and Ernie’s First Book of Opposites (Bendon Publishing, 2010)


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it ain’t fiction, just a natural fact…

While I know that, in general, Sesame Street books are (like Sesame Street scripts) written in a very specific manner—Sesame Workshop doesn’t do anything without it being documented in any number of research papers as being good for the kiddies—I have to admit that, stylistically, it’s starting to get on my nerves. There’s only so much posit thesis – repeat thesis – “Can you”-style question one can take before one feels, perhaps, one has opened The Necronomicon by accident and has been driven mad simply by looking at the ideograms. That said, good for the kiddies is a Good Thing(TM), and as someone who grew up on Sesame Street myself, I can at least anecdotally attest to their methods working pretty durned well. But I would suggest slipping these into the reading schedule maybe once every couple of days, or you may hit Bert and Ernie burnout pretty quickly. ** ½

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