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We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt (2012): This Would’ve Been Cooler with a Ghost Bear…

Susan Pearson, We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt (Amazon Children’s Publishing, 2012)


Full disclosure: this book was provided to me free of charge by Amazon Vine.


photocredit: (yes, I grabbed that one because of the irony)

we’re gonna catch a big one!

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” retooled for Halloween, natch, with an amusing set of spooky landscapes. Some of the onomatopoeics seem forced, but nothing that’s going to jar while you’re reading it as long as you give it a quick read to yourself before trying it aloud for the kiddies. And, yes, “forget the tree!” does make an appearance. This is new to the household, so I don’t have any data on how well it stands up to repeat readings, but when we cracked it open the first time and gave it a read, he was attentive and enjoyed the rhythm and sounds, and so did we. *** ½

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