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Oops! (2005): The “Advanced Beginners” Diaper David Book

David Shannon, Oops! (Blue Sky Press, 2005)

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an all-too-familiar scene around out house, rendered David Shannon-style.

Another in the Diaper David trilogy of pre-lit board books meant as a companion to Shannon’s David trilogy for young readers. Of the three, I think it’s the weakest, but that’s a very qualified statement: it’s just as amusing as the others, and Shannon’s short, to-the-point text and wonderfully creepy illustrations are just as strong as they are in the other two books. Where I think it’s “weak” is that this is a much more subtle book, aimed at teaching children cause-and-effect relationships—that seems to me as if it’s a subject that should be covered in the early readers, not in the pre-lit. Which doesn’t mean the kiddies aren’t going to love it for the same reason they love the other two (and my eleven-month-old son, also named David, is extremely fond of these, of course), but I think the cause-and-effect relationships are probably flying right over his head. Still, he loves it, and so do we. *** ½

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